Taking the lead Dog Training - accredited by the imdt


Dog Training

Taking the Lead Pet Services provides force free, science based but most importantly fun dog training in North Brisbane. Whether you are getting a puppy, have recently rescued/adopted a dog or you've had your dog a while, I can help! 

My aim is to help you and your dog have the best relationship possible.

I am an accredited dog trainer with The IMDT. For more information please follow this link:


1-2-1 Training Sessions

Are you having particular issues with your dogs behaviour  that you could use some help with?  Maybe your dog can't cope in a class environment so a private session would be more beneficial? 

During a 1-2-1 dog training session we will look at all issues that you have and come up with a suitable training plan to help you overcome them.  A session lasts aprox 1.5 hours.

4 Session Training Bundle

A block of training sessions can be really useful as the training can be built on week on week. We will go through how to build on what you and your dog have already learnt and take it to the next level. These packages are for everyone, whether you are totally new to dog training, want to learn a few extra skills or just want your dog to expand on behaviours they already know. 

4 x 1 hour sessions. 

New Puppy Package

This puppy training package is designed to help guide you through those first few scary but exciting weeks as a new puppy owner.  Included in the package is:

1x 1 hour pre puppy visit. During this we will go through what you can expect when puppy first arrives, how you can be prepared and how to set puppy up for success.

2 x 1 hour training sessions during the first couple of weeks/months of you having the puppy. 

Training Walk Package

Do you find walking your dog difficult as they pull on the lead? During the dog training walk package I will give you the skills you need to start working with your dog to teach them to walk nicely to the lead but I will also take your dog for training walks to build on what you have been teaching them. 

1 x 45 minute initial session with you & the dog.

30 minute training walks as required.

Canine Enrichment Session

Canine Enrichment is something that I am hugely passionate about. Many people don't realise that mental exercise is just as important for your dog as physical. It means they have to use their brain to work for their food rather than just eating out of a bowl. This helps to relax them by providing mental stimulation. We will discuss how enrichment can help/benefit your dog & go through lots of different options available to see what works for you & your dog. 

1 x 45 minute session.